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La tutela delle esigenze religiose

SOMMARIO: 1. Gli interessi religiosi nella Costituzione - 2. La rappresentanza delle esigenze religiose tra centro e periferia - 3. Il principio di tutela della libertà religiosa nella tavola dei valori costituzionali - 4. La collaborazione tra pubblici poteri ed autorità religiose quale chiave di volta del sistema - 5. L’apporto offerto dal principio di sussidiarietà.

The protection of the religious needs

ABSTRACT: The study of ecclesiastical law is frequently focused on ecclesiastical and civil authorities and on their boundaries of action. In this way it is underestimated how many issues could be overcome simply by looking at the ultimate aim of these laws: the protection of the religious interests of the citizens. To offer an exact definition of those needs is undoubtedly not a simple matter. Therefore you should refer to the freedom of religion (Constitution, article 19) and to the correct declination of the complex
principles guaranteeing the religious right in our Constitution.

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