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La sfida del pluralismo educativo nella prospettiva sovranazionale e interna

SOMMARIO: 1. La sfida del pluralismo educativo - 2. Il pluralismo educativo secondo l’elaborazione giurisprudenziale della Corte Europea dei diritti dell’Uomo - 3. La prospettiva antidiscriminatoria ed economica della Corte di Giustizia dell’Unione Europea - 4. L’effettività dell’istruzione pluralistica nell’ordinamento italiano - 5. Conclusioni.

The challenge of educational pluralism from a supranational and internal perspective

ABSTRACT: Whereas education plays a fundamental role in the construction of an inclusive society, the paper tries to outline the delicate balance between respect for pluralistic demands and state discretion in the educational field, with particular reference to Italy, where an increasingly multi-ethnic society is accompanied by deeply rooted cultural and religious traditions. The analysis will focus on the different approach of supranational and national Courts on issues that are now crucial in educational pluralism both in the perspective of pluralism for the school and in the school.

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